Recover Faster With a Good Diet

Recover Faster With a Good Diet

Get meal prep personal care services in Nampa, ID

Whether you're recovering from surgery or learning to live to low mobility, All for U Home Care is here to help. We offer meal preparation assistance to make activities of daily living in Nampa, ID much easier. Our home care providers will talk with you about your favorite meals and come up with a meal plan that offers both flavor and nutrition. We'll prepare a week's worth of meals for you to choose, then come back the next week to restock your fridge.

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Why set up a meal prep plam?

You may think cooking a full meal is no big deal-you've been doing it every day for years after all. But with lower mobility, cooking every day can be a real chore. Set up meal preparation assistance with All for U Home Care to so that activities of daily living don't cause harm.

We can meal prep food for...

  • Meal after treatments when you don't feel like cooking
  • Easy lunches if you live with someone who works during the day
  • Daily dinners that are easy to reheat

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